What Do You Mean By Environment and Conservation?

Meanings of Environment and Conservation

Environment : Environment means the surroundings on the envelop round the earth. Thus, our earth and all the objects on it are our environment.

Air, water and land mainly from the environment but all the animals and plants also constitute the environment.

In other words, The living and non-living beings of a place make the environment, which directly or indirectly affects the life of every creature. Environment can be broadly divided into two classes —

  1. Physical Environment under which air, water and land comes and
  2. Biological Environment under which plants and all the small and large animals come.

Environment is very important, since the reciprocal activities of the human beings with the environment its gradually increasing capacities and its changing treatment with the environment affects the history of the human civilization.

These days environment is being polluted by the rapid industrialization, mechanization and deforestation.

Conservation : Conservation means to maintain balance (proper proportions) in a large number of components of ecosystem through different ways.

So that there should not be upset of proportion between the different components.

Living and non-living are component of ecosystem. To maintain the required large number of these component, conservation is essential.

In case of upset proportions the living being will be in danger.

There are two natural sources. They are restored sources which cannot be restored. Inspite of the repeated use of such sources they can be restored. They are inexhaustible.

Its endless cycle is in progress in nature. For example — we can take plants, trees, creatures, carbon dioxide etc. Resources which can be restored must be preserved in sundry ways.

Resources which cannot be restored should be economically utilized and the discovery of their alternative is essential.

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