Why is the Conservation of Forests, Wild Life, Soil and Water Essential?


Why Conservation of Forests Wild Life, Soil and Water Essential?

The conservation of natural resources is essential to protect the environment from pollution and to maintain the requisite proportion of components of ecosystem.

The upset of proportion of the composers of ecosystem will be dangerous for the living beings.

Forest, Wild Life, Soil and Water are some of the natural resources, therefore, It’s preservation is essential.

Preservation of Forests

Why is the Conservation of Forests, Wild Life, Soil and Water Essential?

Conservation of forest is essential. A forest is a biotic community, predominantly of trees, shrubs or any other woody vegetation usually with a closed canopy forests very a great deal in composition and destiny and are distinct from meadows and pasture’s.

Importance : Forests are of immense importance for the life and prosperity of human beings and of nations.

It provides wood, which is of immense importance for human beings. We use wood in furniture and other building materials, railways sleepers, carts, ploughs, fuel.

we obtain oil from a variety of forest plants which are used in manufacturing soaps cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and so many drugs etc.

Forests play a vital role in the life and economy of the people. They provide shelter and sustenance to large number of diverse species of plants, animals and micro-organism.

It protects the environment. They prevent erosion of soil. Forests improve the quality of soil by increasing its porosity and fertility by contributing humans to it.

It play an important role in reducing atmospheric pollution by collecting the suspended particulate matter and by absorbing carbon dioxide.

Forests ensure a perennial supply of subsoil water in springs and wells. It increases the atmospheric humidity by draining subsoil water and sending it out in the air during transpiration.

Forests are also of great educative value. They are natures laboratories which have immensely contributed to the study of and research in various branches of fundamental and applied science.

Thus, the forests are of great importance for our life. It must be conserved. It should be utilized only for essential work.

We must adopt programme of tree plantation and there should be a check on deforestation as far as possible.

Conservation of Wild Life

Why is the Conservation of Forests, Wild Life, Soil and Water Essential?

The term Wild Life generally gives the impression of large and ferocious animals living in the jungle or in water such as, tiger, lion, wolves, elephants, rhinoceroses, crocodiles and whales.

The wild life refers to any living organism in its natural habitat. It includes all plants, animals and microorganism other than the cultivated plants and domesticated animals.

Importance : In addition to the economic value, the wild life balances population and maintains food chains and natural cycles.

Thus, it preserves the environments as a self-sustaining system. The most direct relation of the preservation of the wild life to human progress is its value as gene banks for breeding programmes in agriculture, animals husbandry and fishery.

There should be a ban on large-scale destruction of the wild life for food, safety and pleasure. The serious threat to the wild life comes from habitats destruction, it should also be checked.

The wild life should be protected both in their natural habitat and in zoo’s and botanical gardens.

Soil Conservation

Why is the Conservation of Forests, Wild Life, Soil and Water Essential?

Conservation of soil is essential, for it is the source of many materials essential to man and other organisms.

It is the surface layer of the land. Terrestrial plants obtain their water and nutrients from the soil. It is also in soil, that plant and animal materials decay and can released into the nutrient bank.

The soil is complex system of solid, liquid and gaseous phases of different compositions and textures.

Soil is deeply related to living substances. The production of food items and growth of plants depends on soil.

So, the Fertility of Soil must be maintained.

Plants play an important role in maintaining ecological balances in nature. Man is dependent on plants for food, fodder, fuel, clothing, shelter, medicines, paper, rubber, vegetable oils, for raw materials for many of his industries and furniture’s building materials, etc.

Water Conservation

Why is the Conservation of Forests, Wild Life, Soil and Water Essential?

Water is one of the most important components of the Life supporting System.

It is not only a vital constituent of the living body, but is also the most essential substance for the continuation of life process.

Water is powerfully instrumental in regulating climate. It is essential for agriculture and industry. It also provides surface for navigation.

Water falls, tides and river currents are used to move machines and generate power.

Fresh water is finite resource. Man is directly dependent more upon fresh water, yet the oceans provide a resource which is no less important.

So storage of water is essential.

For the storage of water, the conservation of plants and forests is essential.

In addition to that ponds and lakes should be kept intact and pure for the good of beings and things.

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