Explain the Term Genetic Engineering. What are It’s Uses?

There are two types of substances in the world; Living Thing and Non-living Thing.

The body of living beings are made of cells. The nucleus of human cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. The process of alteration in the Genetic Code of the chromosomes is known as Genetic Engineering.

The number of chromosomes in nucleus cells of other living beings are different.

Genetic Information are carried over by DNA. The technology of changing the genes of DNA in the body building process is called Genetic Engineering.

Explain the Term Genetic Engineering. What are It's Uses?

This change takes place in two ways —

  1. Fragmentation Method and
  2. Cloning Method

In fact genetic engineering is a modern surgical science.

It is uses are —

  • In artificial pregnancy.
  • In the production of a test tube baby.
  • In producing human beings of developed qualities.
  • In the production of insulin.
  • In the production of the cancer medicine Interferoine.
  • In improving the breed of fruits, crops and animals.

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