What are the Fertilizers and It’s Types?


What are the Fertilizers?

The materials used to increase or to maintain the fertility of the soil is called fertilizers. The fertilizers are mixed in the soil. It grows crops and plants, so that the yield is increased.

Fertilizers are the backbone of entire agricultural development.

Kinds of Fertilizers —

Fertilizers are of two kinds

  1. Organic fertilizers and
  2. Inorganic fertilizers.

Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are among natural materials. It is prepared by cow-dung, grass and the residual of plants and trees.

All the neutrious elements though in small quantity are present in it. Urea is nitrogenous fertilizer. Except urea all the artificial fertilizers prepared in factories are inorganic fertilizer.

Inorganic Fertilizers

Inorganic fertilisers are chemical compounds artificially prepared in factories. For example, Ammonium Sulphate, phosphate, Triple super phosphate, potash, etc.

Only one or two or maximum three neutrious elements are present in it in a large quantity

Difference between Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers

1. Organic fertilizers are in moist state1. Inorganic fertilizers are in dry state.
2. The nutrious elements are present in small quantity.2. The nutrious elements are present in a large quantity.
3. All nutrious elements are present in it.3. One or Two or maximum three nutrious elements are present in it.
4. It affects plants in more time.4. It affects plants quickly.
5. It’s effects in durable.5. It’s effects is for a short period.
6. It has no adverse effect on plants and soil.6. It’s excess use is harmful for plants and soil.
7. It don’t make the soil acidic or alkaline.7. It make the soil acidic or alkaline according to their own nature.
8. Quick irrigation is not essential after it’s use.8. Quick irrigation is necessary after it’s use.
9. The physical condition of soil is improved due to it’s continuous use.9. The physical condition of soil is destroyed due to it’s repeated use.
10. Carbon is present in it.10. Carbon is not found in it.
11. Useful bacteria are produced in soil by it’s use.11. The chemical balance of soil is destroyed, Which is harmful for the useful bacteria present in the soil.
12. It is made of natural resources.12. It is made of artificial and chemical resources.

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