Describe the Utility of Fertilizers and Types of Inorganic Fertilizers

The Utility of Fertilizers are to increase the fertility of the soil and to supply nourishing materials.

The fertilizers are mixed in the soil. It grows crops and plants so, that the yield is increased. Fertilizers are the backbone of entire Agricultural Development.

Plants observers nourishing materials from the soil in which nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the three important nutritious elements.

In addition to these Carbon, Hydrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and oxygen are also nutritious elements.

When these elements lack in the soil, it is maintained by the use of fertilizers. The waste materials of animals, chemical compounds prepared in the factories and residual of plants and trees are used as fertilizers


Types of Inorganic Fertilizers —

Describe the Utility of Fertilizers and Types of Inorganic Fertilizers

Inorganic Fertilizers are of four types. They are :

  1. Nitrogen Fertilizers
  2. Phosphate Fertilizers
  3. Potassium Fertilizers and
  4. Mixed Fertilizers

Nitrogen Fertilizers

The fertilizers in which nitrogen is the main nutritious element is known as Nitrogen Fertilizer. It is essential for the growth of plants.

It prevents the falling of leaves and saves from diseases. Urea, Ammonium nitrate, Ammonium sulphate, Potassium nitrate, Calcium nitrate, Sodium nitrate are in this category. (Urea is organic fertilizer).

Ammonium sulphate contains 21% of nitrogen whereas Urea contains 47%. These fertilizers are prepared by both the methods i.e. bio-product and synthetic.

Phosphate Fertilizers

The fertilizers in which phosphorous is the main element is called phosphorous fertilizers. This fertilizers increases in the yield.

By the use of these fertilizers the roots of plants grow rapidly and stem become strong and stout so that they do not bond.

Normal super phosphate, Triple super phosphate. Ammonium phosphate. Powder of bone, etc. are in Triple super phosphate contains 44.47%.

Potassium Fertilizers

In this category of fertilizers potash is found in plenty. Potassium is an important element for plants.

It helps in food making of plants. It make the plants strong and saves from diseases. It balances nitrogen and phosphorous in the plants.

It produces green color in the plants. It is used mostly in the form of potassium chloride. The fertilizers of this category.

Mixed Fertilizers

Nitrogen, phosphorous and potash-are the three important nutritious elements of plants.

Mixed fertilizers are prepared by mixing two or three elements in proper ratio. So, they provide more that one nourishing materials to the plants. It is a balanced fertilizers.

Hence the increase in yield is more and the physical condition of soil does not destroy, gnomon, sulphala, Iffco, etc. are in this category.

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