What Do You Mean By Artificial Satellite?

What is Satellite?

Just as the planets revolve round the sun, in the same there are certain heavenly bodies which revolve round the planets. These bodies are called Satellite.

For example —

Moon revolves round the earth. Thus, Moon is a satellite of earth.

This satellite is natural. All satellites revolve under the gravitational attraction exerted by the planet on the satellites, which is counter balanced by the centrifugal force.

What is Artificial Satellite?

Artificial satellite is an instrument which revolves round the earth in a definite orbit. Now a days, A number of artificial satellites are revolving round the earth.

This is done by multistage rockets. The satellite is placed upon the rocket which is launched from the earth. These rockets are called Booster Rocket.

Utility of Artificial Satellite

What Do You Mean By Artificial Satellite?

The utility of artificial satellite is of great importance. Such as —

1.For the telecast of radio and television programs

2. During the space voyages

3. In the studies of the upper parts of the atmosphere.

4. For the forecasting of weather

5. For determining the war matter

6. For determining minerals

7. For super telecommunication

8. As the compass for the Aeroplane Pilot.

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